Buried Treasure


  She glanced towards her parents graves, her wet eyes narrowing slightly as she battled the emotional eruption that was building inside of her. She slowly got to her feet, her bloody hands dripping loud against the floor below in the dead silence of the underground. The tombs had been desecrated, their stone slabs lying broken on the floor, bones scattered haphazardly across the room, disregarded and defiled in a bid to find whatever it was the thieves had been searching for. Sephianna felt a bitter anger swell and crash against her but, for now, she held. Revenge would have to wait for now. She advanced on her mothers grave. She found it empty, as she expected. If Eric had been right, and it had been beneath her mother that the treasure had been hidden, then all the nothing she found inside meant that they had found it – whatever it was. Her grip tightened on the stone cold edges as she fought back more angry tears, staring hard into the casket.

  Through her shimmering vision, something glistened.

  She froze. It had only been for a second but she was sure she had seen it. She looked up at the dark ceiling of the tomb and sure enough she saw a sliver of light playing on it. She glanced back down at the grave and began moving her head in tiny increments, looking for it again, willing it to show itself. Finally, at the very edge of the stone base, the small beam pierced through.

  Tentatively she reached forwards, her hands shaking ever so slightly as she fumbled to find purchase. The gap was beyond miniscule – she wouldn’t believe it existed if she didn’t know for certain it was there – but after a few minutes of scrambling her nails caught against it. She tugged carefully, waiting for a give she found hard to come by, but fraction by agonizing fraction, she worked the gap. Soon it was wide enough to squeeze her fingers into, and the rest of the excavation was simple enough. She tugged – hard – and the slab moved towards her, sliding out of the base of the grave towards her feet. Looking down at the new hole she had made she saw it – the very definition of buried treasure – the item the bandits had destroyed her home in search of, the cause of the light; a monstrous sword resting beneath where her mother had once lay.

  A behemoth of blades.


~ by Joseph Blame on December 9, 2010.

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