“Baby, I’m totally your grandmother” the wolf said, absently picking a slither of skin from between his bloodied jaws. There was a horrible stench of death in the cottage, one the wolf hadn’t been able to cover up with Granny’s Febreze.
  “I don’t think so,” came Red’s cautious reply, “you just look like a wolf in a nightie.”
  There was a dark silence between them. The wolf surveyed the scene, the failed ruse and his consequent options.
  “Yeah you’re right, who the hell was I trying to fool?”
   Then the wolf devoured Red in a flurry of blood and guts.

Today the six month compilation book was published (see for more details) and I thought, after three months crazy-hard work I deserved a little break, so I bring you only one hundred words. Despite this I like today’s story; I have always wanted to scribble my own version of Little Red Riding Hood, so this may get expanded on some time in the future (hopefully).


~ by Joseph Blame on December 8, 2010.

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  1. […] a little and write a fairly short reimagining of the final scenes of Little Red Riding Hood (found HERE) and said how much I’d love to turn it into a feature length story. It’s been done time and […]

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