Into Dreams


  I manage to communicate a lie that will stop the proceedings from proceeding any further. I tell her I have a girlfriend who would be very upset to learn about my sleeping with another if it ever came to pass.

  She nods sadly and thrusts her hand into the back pocket of her denim shorts, retrieving from them a very slim purse. From this she slips a neatly folded wad of notes and offers, with a bow, these to me. Awkwardly I refuse the half-naked girl’s refund and instead go to sit on my couch, beckoning her over to the seat next to me. I’m not in the mood to lay with Nevada and I probably never will be, despite everything paid sex just isn’t my style, but the company is very welcome. The mornings events had been haunting me, penetrating far deeper than Carrie’s dub, and I’m glad for the distraction. I pull my shirt back over my head and toss her own into her arms which, very confused, she slips back on. 

  She sits down cautiously, as if it were all a trap or some weird fetish of mine, but relaxes as soon as she recognizes the show on mute. We spend the rest of the evening with our clothes on, chatting casually and watching the rest of the omnibus. When that finishes she tells me that Dalton bought her out for the whole night, so I plug my old Sega Saturn up to the set and we play some cooperative NiGHTS which she immediately proves her gaming prowess. Courtesy of a childhood spent growing up with older brothers, she insists. Her name is Miu. I don’t ask why she’s peddling so she doesn’t tell me, but I share my own coming of age stories, sans the twisted metal roots that changed everything.

~ by Joseph Blame on November 28, 2010.

One Response to “Into Dreams”

  1. ahhh this is a nice little slice. 🙂

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