A Very Special Gift


  She gets my top up and over my head before I snap back to reality and manage to slow her down. With our skin pressed against each other I put my hands on her shoulders and tell her, very politely, to stop. She looks up at me with a confused expression that bordered on hurt as I pushed her back a couple of steps.

  “Um…” I say, unsure how to proceed without hurting her feelings. Starting a job like this is degrading enough without one of your first potential johns declining what appears to be a free lay. I ask her who she’s looking for, trying to communicate that I didn’t order a girl.

  “No no,” she says in English, “Dalton-San buy me for you. Otanjoubi omedetou”

  At his name everything clicks. The bastard was practically ordering me to go home earlier. I’d wanted to grab a six pack and hang out in the back between customers. My plans for the Sex in the City omnibus was originally a double date. I guess the dildo wasn’t his only birthday present.


~ by Joseph Blame on November 27, 2010.

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