Return of Miu


2:5 continued:

[BIRTHDAY BLUES] (originally posted October 21st 2010)
[HOUSECALL] (originally posted October 28th 2010)

  She asks me if I speak Japanese and I say “a little.” She scrunches up her face as if this displeases her greatly and lets herself in, kicking off her knock-off Manolo’s with a carelessness appropriate for their legitimacy.

  “Uh, can I help you?” I ask, more confused than ever.

  She turns to me and smiles – a smile I’m not entirely sure of – and crosses her arms in front of her flat stomach, grabbing her shirt and lifting it suddenly over her head. She’s not wearing a bra, her nipples soft in the warm summer evening air. You’d think working in Kabukicho would have desensitized me to such displays, but I’m so surprised at this revelation and the fact it’s happening in my house that I stand stunned as she pads over to me and hugs me, purposefully squashing her breasts against me. She’s grabbing at the back of my shirt – obviously to life it over my own head – as I notice a curious expression on her face. It betrays her.

  I’ve worked beside enough girls like her to know inexperience when I see it. A bitten lip and the nervous, almost scared eyes give it away. I might not be her first, but I’m not far from it.


~ by Joseph Blame on November 26, 2010.

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