Rain-Kissed Streets


  With Grace’s gift to me fresh in my mind I head out. I wasn’t due in the store for a couple of hours but I didn’t feel like being left alone with my subconscious. I briefly entertained the idea of spending some quality time with our neighbours at Hai!! Thai Massage after my shift ended but I decided that I wasn’t far enough down this particular rabbit hole of depression for it. Besides, I got on well with most of the girls there and it would probably be weird to bump into them – as I often do – post happy-ending.

  I cheer myself up by thinking about the applicant’s we’ve already had approach us about the opening in the Womb. That sounds wrong but let’s roll with it. Interviews were beginning to be scheduled for next Sunday and even Dalton was digging the idea now.

  As I turn into Kabukicho it glistens beautifully back at me, the puddles casting neon reflections from the signs above, this mornings rain washing away last nights filth. The main drag is almost devoid of life and for once I see how stunning the place can be in it’s own sordid little way.

  As far as the sex industry goes, I’m standing at the maw, thousands of miles away from my problems, and I’m living the dream.

  Couldn’t be happier.



~ by Joseph Blame on November 20, 2010.

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