“Before we get down to business,” Dalton says after Inafune asks us to excuse his ‘idiot friend’, “I’d like to ask you a question, Inafune-sama.”

  Inafune nods. I look to Dalton, wondering what on earth he could be about to ask.

  “The Womb has been open for nearly half a year,” Dalton continues, “yet this is the first time we have met. Why did it take so long for you to come to us with… negotiations?

  I’m stunned. Wide eyed I stare at him as Inafune’s intermediary translates. He still looks calm and relaxed. I can’t imagine he ever had any dealings with the Yakuza before, so I don’t understand where this practised composition comes from.

  Inafune barks a short laugh at Dalton and, after a minutes thought, begins to talk.

“Do you fish, Dalton-san?”

  “Uh,” Dalton starts, apparently as confused as I am, “I used to fish with my father. Every weekend.”

  “What did you catch?”

  “Bass,” Dalton says, “trout. One time we hooked a Marlin. Took nearly two hours to get him on the boat.”

  “Impressive. You sound like an adept angler. And what would you do if you caught a fish that is very small?”

  “We’d throw it back,” Dalton says instantly. Inafune nods. There’s a brief silence in the room as he lets our own words sink in.

  “You see,” Inafune says, “Kabukicho is an Ocean. In the ocean are many fish and we are the fishermen. To go fishing, Dalton-san, requires resources. A boat. A sturdy rod. Good quality bait. A fishing trip is an investment and one we do not take lightly.”

  “This,” he continues, “is why we waited six months to catch you.”


~ by Joseph Blame on November 16, 2010.

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  1. Haha, a very nice read after a grueling 6 hour ferry trip..:-)

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