Geeking Out A Little


  It’s all so alien to me, feeling fresh and alert in the morning. It’s a feeling I’ve been without for far too long, and as I stroll through the last stretch of commerce Narita has to offer me – so swiftly Libby has to call for me to wait up – I revel in it. Back home it was far too difficult to sleep in that bed without her. Every inch of it was covered in memories. For the first week her smell had clung to it, reluctant – unlike it’s owner – to leave. The cramped airport crash-pad had no such nostalgia tied to it. For the first time in weeks, I’d slept well.


  We grab some breakfast from a hyaku-en (100 Yen) shop before making our way towards the airport station. I grab an iced pastry, a single banana and a bottle of Fanta Moo Moo White Drink, which I assume is somewhat milk based, trying to cover at least a few nutritional bases, whilst Libby opts for a more outlandish meal of melon bread, a curry doughnut and a can of colourful pop. We inhale the lot sitting on the JR platform, waiting for the train to arrive that will take us into Tokyo central. Last nights in-flight meal was a mess of fish or chicken, both of which hit that magical sweet-spot between solid and liquid and served only to delay our hunger through disgust alone.

  I’m surprised to find, when I take a tentative bite of the bun Libby offers me, that curry doughnuts were always meant to be. My banana is stiff and tasteless and – with the sweet taste of curry paste still lingering – I’m disappointed I too wasn’t more adventurous.

  “I can’t believe we’re finally here,” Libby says, chewing slowly as she glances around, trying to take it all in. To absorb every sign covered in foreign symbols, to remember forever every poster splash featuring this male idol. that new drama. the new Pokémon game. She’s buzzing, barely containing her excitement, and it’s infectious; I can’t help but geek out a little too.

~ by Joseph Blame on November 4, 2010.

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