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  I wake to the sound of a steady knock, a single-knuckled rap that I immediately recognize as Libby’s. It isn’t until I open my eyes and find myself in the mini room that I remember where I am, remember that where I am isn’t home.

  “Come on bro,” Libby calls from behind the door. Behind her is the sound of an airport awake, the quiet halls we roamed yesterday replaced by the hectic hubbub of constant boarding calls and the harmony of wheels that roll past in synchronicity. I stir and call back to her, assure her I’m awake, and resist the urge to bury my head in the pillow.

  I check my watch but it’s wrong – of course – I didn’t have the foresight to change it on the plane when pilot Phil told us the local time. Libby – obviously – had. She tells me I’ve got about five minutes before our time runs out and I spend four of those in the shower, scrubbing myself awake before the water can even turn lukewarm. I appear with twenty seconds to spare, fresh and alert and slightly raw from the experience.

  Libby is sitting on her luggage beside the door, glancing nonchalantly at her nails, her regular casual preen in full effect, although with a retro-Asian twist to suit the occasion. She must have had slightly more time than me to get ready.

  “Ohayoooooo,” she says, elongating the word until I smile. 
  “How do you say ‘let’s get breakfast’ in Japanese,” I ask in response.
  “Uhm-,” she starts, pausing momentarily before continuing, “I don’t know, but yes.”

It’s quickly becoming apparent with KOTW-month that I won’t reach the target of 50,000 words in 30 days. As far as excuses go, kotw is a pseudo-minimalist adventure that I don’t feel like spoiling with over indulgence. I’m going to have fun with this project this month. Some days I might barely scrape a couple of hundred words together. Others I might push 5k (don’t count on it). Regardless. it’s going to be awesome.

~ by Joseph Blame on November 3, 2010.

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