All Hallows’ Eve


  The room is spinning – literally spinning – around Ria and Brody. That stand in the middle of the room, back to back, turning in slow circles to keep their eyes on the most dangerous of airborne objects. Ria’s careful eye is focused on the couch and Brody’s on a particularly pointed trophy.

  “I thought you said this was a shade, not a poltergeist,” Brody barks.

  “Hey,” she snaps back, “I did my research, okay? There’s no way this job wasn’t a shade.”

  “Doesn’t look that way to me, Ria.”

  “I sourced the wrong spook, okay Brody? Get over it and get on with it.”

  “Down,” he says, almost nonchalantly, as the trophy flies through the air towards them. They crouch in unison and the gold figure holding a golf club soars over head and lands neatly on the couch.

  “We are needing to get out of here most definitely.” Ria states, “regroup and rethink. We don’t have the tools for this battle. The paste on our shells is useless against ‘geists.”

  Brody knew this. The only reason the two were clutching their shotguns so tightly was so that the spirit could not take them and use them against us. The bullets might not hurt the spectre, but they could certainly hurt the two hunters.

  “I know, I know,” Brody says, almost whispers, casually sidestepping another piece of incoming furniture and moving Ria out of it’s path too with the slightest of touches. “Do we have any iron rounds?”

  “In the office,” Ria says, wiping away a stream of blood from her cut forehead that was threatening to roll into her eye. The attack had started badly. An initial – altogether surprising – impact from a lamp had caught her off guard and glanced her as she made a last minute attempt to dodge. It had only gotten progressively worse. There bullets had blasted two perfect holes in Eleanor’s drywall and nothing else. It was then that their predicament had truly clicked.

  “We need to go,” Brody finally says, issuing his first official retreat in over three years.

  “We’ll be back you son of a bitch,” Ria says, following Brody as he weaved between a tumulus whirligig of hardcover noir novels , “We’ll be back.”

Happy Halloween everyone! Ria & Brody are here to see BPD off with a spooky adventure before we enter Kiss of the Womb month – or KOTWPerDiem, if you will. Expect a beginning to begin tomorrow, and continue on until December breaches our lives. 50,000 words in 30 days.

Let’s Rock


~ by Joseph Blame on October 31, 2010.

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