There’s a girl behind the door and I’m not entirely sure how she got there. Her face is downturned but she’s immediately recognizable as pretty cute. She wears a pout of concentration, her thin eyes scrutinizing a piece of paper she holds in her hand. Her short hair is dyed a dark brown and it bounces off her shoulders and wraps around the back of her neck like the collar of a fur coat.

  The weather I let in with her is humid and she is dressed accordingly – if a little inappropriately. She’s in a tight t-shirt with the words Nevada sprawled across her modest breasts – I can’t help but doubt she’s ever been – and short denim shorts. Her legs are an infinite stretch of pale, perfect skin that swell and shrink in all the right places.

  She looks up at me after a couple of seconds, obviously ignorant to the fact that I had answered, and – surprised – looks me up and down a second time. Her eyes meet mine after this second sweep and, having finally finished evaluating me, strings some hurried Japanese together, interjected with only one thing I recognize – my name.

  “Hai?” I confirm cautiously. In the two years I’ve lived in Japan I’ve never once had a female caller at this hour. I’ve had plenty of house calls in the morning however, when I’m trying to sleep away the fatigue of a particularly late shift, rousing me to ask if I’m a subscriber to the Yomiuri or the NHK asking me to pay TV licensing I’ve already paid. ‘This’ I think to myself, ‘can’t be business’.

  It turns out I’m wrong.

Who is this mysterious MIU and what business does she have at our protaganists apartment? WELL – I guess you’ll just have to wait ‘til November, when Blame Per Diem will transform into KISS OF THE WOMB per diem for National Novel Writing Month. Also – 4 months down, eight to go. Hooray! Officially a third through the year.


~ by Joseph Blame on October 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Housecall”

  1. Well done Joe 😀 I cant wait for these to be published into a real book. You’ve made a grand collection 🙂

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