Four Against the World


  “Could we just skip the clichéd what’s happening bullshit and agree on what we’re dealing with here.”
  “Mac is right,” I chime in, “we’ve all seen enough movies and played enough videogames to know what-… what-”
  “-What they are.” Mac finishes.
  “Zombies,” Pipes up Adam from the corner. He’s been quiet until now, sitting on an overturned crate in the corner of the room. Despite everything – everything we’ve seen, every bloody encounter in the twenty five minutes since their existence became apparent to us – we still shift uncomfortably at the word, even Mac. 
   The silence is broken by James. He’s shuffling back and forth as if he wants to pee but I think it’s just the nerves. “We need to get to my car,” he squeaks.
  “Even if we could make it through the building,” Mac says, motioning towards the poorly barricaded door, “the roads are going to be chaos man. Every sucker with a vehicle will think it’s salvation on four wheels and you just know that somewhere there’s going to be an overturned tanker blocking the freeway. ‘Sides, where would we go?”
  “You know, in the movies they always have a radio or television set that tells survivors what to do,” I say. We all look around the stock room stealthily, trying not to let the others know we’re believing in blind luck at this point. We all kind of sigh a disappointed sigh when we realise there’s nothing like that in here.
  “They’ve given up,” says Adam, beside the door now. His ear is pressed against the wood. “There’s a bit of shambling and moaning but it’s definitely not sounding like the hoarde we had before.”
  “They’ve given up?” James says, jumping to his feet eagerly, “maybe we can make it to the car now!”
  “James,” Mac says, angry now, “it’s people like you that get the good guys – the sensible guys – killed. So sit down and shut up ‘til the grown ups figure something out.”
  James is actually a couple of years older than the rest of us, but he does as he’s told anyway, jingling the keys in his pocket absently. Mac looks to me briefly and rolls his eyes. I grimace in response. This was turning out to be quite an eventful day at work.     

Dedicated to my brofriend Mac. He and I spent an entire evening working a nightshift in a department store a long time ago discussing our exact plans were a zombie outbreak to happen right then. Inspired by is an understatement.


~ by Joseph Blame on October 27, 2010.

One Response to “Four Against the World”

  1. ahh brilliant, I remember our house’s procrastination zombie discussion, I sure did feel at ease afterwards, unlike this story 😛

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