The Darker Self


  Dreams, when I manage to remember them, are difficult to accept. A hard attribution to embrace. A darker self that stirs me in the morning and reminds me there’s an evil in all of us. An insomniac’s co-dependant, coexistence with the other ego, – dare I say it the alter ego. Murder and pain and rampant meaningless sex are commonplace in my subconscious and I wake up feeling rotten and dirty. A stain that makes the morning cleanse something of a necessity. More to wash away than just the grit in my eyes. An ocean of darkness to purify.


~ by Joseph Blame on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Darker Self”

  1. Good 100 words!

  2. this is awesome. I like that its only a hundred words too. More than that would have ruined it.

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