Maria & Me


Spain peeps in through the sides of the curtains, thin slits of light blooming, bright and defiant, against the otherwise dark room. I lie on my bed, my wife next to me in a troubled and painful sleep, as I read from the paperback I brought.

Dead at 30, buried at 70 the chapter heading reads, and I wish it weren’t so but it resonates. I might be twenty years late to the generation but I feel at home with Coupland’s X as much as I did when I was seventeen. It’s themes – which once I thought timeless – are aging fast and I find myself glad to be on the fringe, a final support act before he plays us all off.

Mid-life crisis, much?

Maria stirs beside me, her face contorting with the pain she lapses back into upon her return to reality. I remember my page number – 33 – and close the book, setting it softly upon the table next to me. I sit forwards in my chair and wait for her eyes to open. She rubs her face, hisses escaping her clenched teeth. I stand up and she hears me move and waves a hand in my general direction. I take it in mine and bend over her to kiss her forehead, asking if she wants anything. Just for the pain to stop she says. I open the window and the midday bake comes in with a whisper of air, sticky and refreshing at once.

A huge shout out today to my friend Dominic, who sent me The Portable MFA in creative writing – a creative and endlessly helpful guide on how to beat writers block, to convincingly shape and flesh out a full novel and how to craft a publishable manuscript, amongst MANY other topics.  I couldn’t be happier with this little surprise and I urge you all to go check his daily drawing blog over at . It’s full of absolutely stunning work and I’m honoured for Blame Per Diem to have inspired such a great, burgeoning gallery.


~ by Joseph Blame on October 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Maria & Me”

  1. XD
    Like the story today! It’s very familiar… hmmm… “Maria”, eh? ;P
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds like a real drama queen.


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