From the Shadows


  The door opened into an enormous area – the opposite side of which Link couldn’t see through the thick fog that enveloped the room. He stepped through onto a sandy patch of land surrounded entirely by water. Behind him the door slid closed with a definitive thud.

  “Hey!” Navi squeaked from beside his head, the flutter of her wings beating quiet against his ear.
  “I know,” he replied, not letting the nerves that had disconcerted Navi get to him as well. The faerie flew once around Link’s head, erratic and afraid, and landed softly upon his fringe, pulling his hat up about her waist.

  Link advanced slowly and precariously. He was tired. The temple had taken it out of him. Every battle was that much harder, every archaic design more obnoxious than the last. He hadn’t enjoyed nearly drowning himself every time he attempted to climb the vertical depths in search of the lost sage.

   Upon inspection the water that lapped at the island was shallow, shimmering softly in the dim light and illuminating the sand not ten inches below the surface. Link stepped gingerly into it with no regards to his already sodden boots. He felt incredibly uneasy.

  He rubbed the back of his neck anxiously – a pretext obvious to all for having it close to the hilt of the Master Sword, ready for the unknown that waited ahead. He trudged heavily through the water, alert and waiting for a movement, for a shadow in the mist, but there was none.  He glanced back and found he couldn’t make out the entrance anymore. His discomfort grew into sparks of paranoia and fear.

  Another minute of walking and an image began to form ahead of Link. Shapes protruded from the distance, skeletal limbs arching away from the ground in an eerie fashion, dark silhouettes reaching skywards. Link’s step faltered. He blinked, willing himself to see the unseeable. As he drew closer the definable shapes began to form the bony architecture of a barren tree, alone on a tiny island of sand in what felt to be the centre of the room. He didn’t stop as he walked by it, but ran his fingers across it’s rotting trunk. There was a darkness to it that had spooked Navi. Her earnest nature exuded the fear that had gripped her.

  They put the tree behind them, using it to guide them to the opposite side of the room. They two of them relaxed slightly when the frame of the door came into focus, Link’s step quickening at the prospect of leaving the dark place.

  But the door would not open. Familiar bars were slid tight across the stone, barring them from leaving.

  “Link” Navi whispered.
  “Don’t worry,” he assured her quickly, looking with concern at the blockade, “we’ll figure it out. We always do, right?”
  “R-right,” she replied.

  Link turned back to face the room, looking for a switch of a lever somewhere in the water. Absent mindedly he headed out into the waves once more, looking intently in all directions. The island in the middle of the room came into view again, the withered trunk erect and alone in the middle of all the nothing.

  It took Link a little while to register the figure standing beside the trunk. It was dark – no – black, pure black against the tree, leaning casually against it. A shadow? There was something immediately troubling – something far more sinister than it’s colour, or lack thereof – about the figure. It’s stature – the way it held itself –
  “Link-“ Navi said, terrified.
  “What-,” Link began, “what is that? Who is that?” His hand shot at once to the hilt of the sword, unsheathing it inch by inch as they watched the figure. The comfort the blade brought was lessened significantly when the stranger by the tree reached simultaneously over their shoulder for their own weapon.

  Beady red eyes peered out across the lake at Link, two radiant gems in an otherwise featureless face.

  “Link” Navi said again, “that’s you”

Come on, seriously, how awesome is that game?? This is my attempt at doing what some of my favourite adaptive authors – S.D. Perry and Karen Traviss – have done to other videogame greats – transforming stories from screen to literary romps through the most special of worlds. Above is, of course, the one – the only – Ocarina of Time.


~ by Joseph Blame on October 8, 2010.

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