Waking Life


Every two weeks,
Open eyes give lease to open eyes,
And upon a train to my destination,
I wake up

In a zombie like state,
I bought my tickets at the station,
But now my excitement awakens my senses,
And the undead ebs like a tide,
As sure to return as the wave doth turn

But when I see her standing there,
Looking for me in a bustling crowd,
Life begins,
Inevitable tides far from my mind

And in these days, those precious three
I share with her,
Free from life’s monotony,
I laugh and love and live a lifetimes worth,
Under the spell worth waiting for

But Sunday comes without delay,
And I slip back into the life,
I care not for, as it for me cares not,
When I am free and am not missed

And even I, one so in love
Cannot escape the tide which will in time turn again,
And so I wait for the next moment,
I awake upon that train,
And find myself
In waking life

The header image is a screenshot from the wonderful and beautiful anime Byosoku 5cm (5cm Per Second). It’s a film whose theme is strikingly similar to today’s poem, and one I love dearly. Check it out.


~ by Joseph Blame on October 2, 2010.

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