The Come On


“You know,” she starts, playing with her purse, “this bar is actually a hotel bar…”

I look at her blankly. Did she really just say that? Out of all the lines… I stand there, a coldness in my mouth alerting me to the fact that it’s ever so slightly open. She must have mistaken my disbelief for a surprised, am I getting lucky? look, because she looks at me seductively through her lashes, expectant.

“I’m aware of that,” I say, hoping I manage to hide my incredulity but hearing it thick on the words as they leave my lips.

“Maybe we could… get a room?” she whispers, a smile playing across her face briefly before she stops it short, looking slightly upset with herself for letting her sexy front fall. She quickly turns it back on, a slight pout taking the smiles place.

“I already have one,” I begin after a moments silence, “that’s why I’m here and not at a real bar.” I catch the bartender shooting me a dirty look.

“Oh yes, of course,” she says as I shrug apologetically toward him. After he turns around I let my eyes flick back to her to find her flushing a bright red. “I do too…” she whispers as if only just remembering this fact. I fight the urge to drag my hands down my face in disbelief. Just how drunk is this girl? I only have myself to blame.

“Maybe I’ll see you around?” she flusters, backtracking, her offer nowhere in sight.

Thank God.

“Yeah, maybe,” I lie. I’m checking out in the morning.


~ by Joseph Blame on September 27, 2010.

One Response to “The Come On”

  1. heheh.
    Made me think of Lost in Translation. I’d be interested to know if this is based on a real life event in any way.

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