Dark Sun Rising


The Summer sun was but a half-way
through its peaceful journey through our skies
When I found myself upon a bank
A bank embezzled with undeserved flora,
To which attributions could not be dealt,
Had I been a scholar this I would have noted
An Error! – I may have cried, But I did not,
And in ignorance I dreamt on.

The sky in all it’s emblazment and glory
grew dark in a sudden, unexpected and unnerving
As if a thousand clouds chose to pass by at once
Celestial beings enveloped in an instant,
And on a dark crest I found myself,
The landscape shifting underfoot,
A precipice upon which I perspired,
And dared not tread into that which I knew not

Instead I stayed quite still and called
Cried out without restraint or preference,
Be my saviour, anyone, I beckoned, A siren atop a hill,
Leading man and woman alike to their demise
against the blackened rocks below,
Selfish and scared like a child uncaring,
But nought came to rescue and rouse me
From this, this darkest night.


~ by Joseph Blame on September 22, 2010.

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