A Good Friend


“I don’t know.”
“Well I do. Those girls, they’re just jealous – petty jibes because you’ve got something they don’t.”
“What’s that?”
An awesome name.”
Please. Yekaterin is quite possibly the worst name of all time.”
“Second only to Baxter.”
“Whatever. You love your name you indie bitch.”
“True. So yeah, now we’re on the subject – what the hell where your parents smoking?”
Seriously though Rin, you’ve got personality in spades and a firm grip on reality for a start.”
“Reality is for the suckers who can’t live in the ignorance that is stupidity”
“Who the hell lives their lives with what’s hot at the centre of their universe? All their hipster flair and rebel cool won’t get them into a good college, or – or a good job, or the ability to provide for themselves when their white knight fails to show up and somewhere – however deep inside – they know that.”
Don’t pay them any attention. For what it’s worth I think you’re awesome.”
“You’re sweet Bax.”
“Can we stop in here? I need to pick up a best of album for my mom’s birthday.”
“Sure, I wanted to grab a copy of Avatar on blu-ray anyway.”
“Avatar on blue-ray.”
“Oh, haha, yeah. Oh hey this one comes with a DVD copy as well and its only five bucks more.”
“What’s the point? you’d have the superior version anyway.”
“Not everyone has a blu-ray player yet wunderkind.”
Right, well those people don’t deserve to see it then. Hey do you like The Smiths?”
Sure, why?”
Well if your classmates are right and your taste is twenty years too late then you’ll dig the same shit my mom does.”
Gee, thanks.”
Hey no offence – I think rollershoes are wicked cool.”
Bite me.”
I wouldn’t be able to catch you hahaha.”
“Look, they’re efficient okay and the floors at school are really excellent to skate on. Linoleum is like liquid speed under these babies.”
We’re saying excellent these days Bill?
“Careful heathen, that movie is more important to me than our friendship.”
“Great movie.”
What’s so bad about being stuck in the eighties anyway? Everything worth happening happened in that decade; Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters-”
I didn’t dig Ghostbusters as much as everyone else.”
“Probably because you’re scared of ghosts.”
“Could I have a bag for that please?”
Kinda sucks that everything worth happening happened in a movie theatre.”
I dunno, I think you’ve got a point. I mean the music is second to none and MTV was born and David Bowie”
So films and music then.”
What sucks is that you latched on to the only thing that didn’t age well.”
What’s that wait don’t ans-“
Leg warmers and parachute pants hahahahahahaha”

OMG a TRANSCRIPT?!?  Always wanted to try one of these. Result? Love it.


~ by Joseph Blame on September 21, 2010.

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