The man shuffled out of his cloak and wrapped it around Elise’s singed frame. Her face was blackened with soot and ash, two streaks of skin shining through underneath glistening tears that rolled their way down her cheeks. Confused tears, angry tears, sad tears and lonely tears, tears to match every feeling that was mixing uncomfortably in her gut.

  He held her close to him, as if they were lovers, and she didn’t fight it. She was too tired to continue to struggle, even her demons were quiet. Sleeping in her subconscious. He led her towards an alley, away from the crowd that had started to gather behind them. A group of soldiers jogged lazily past, heading towards the smoking remnants of the pyramid. Haste was something they reserved for their richer kin. 

  Elise was leaning heavy against the man’s broad frame as they reached the slick maw of the dark corridor before them. She didn’t realise her legs were giving way until they did, buckling underneath her in an instant. She only fell for a split second before he had her, hoisting her ungainly over his shoulder. Everything loosened a little as the reality of the days events crashed down in one painful moment. Muffled sobs erupted from her chest and fell from her mouth to the floor far far below, bobbing with the mans movements. Her vision swam. She felt her khakis become warm and wet against her legs and she voided her stomach over the escorts back.

  “-sorry-” she managed between gulps of air and spasms of tears. 
  “That’s okay, honey,” came his voice from behind her, “we’re almost there. Just a little-”

  But she was gone completely.


~ by Joseph Blame on September 11, 2010.

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