Midnight Anniversary


Of ‘t’woven fates and binding ties,
I currently confuse,
pessimistic tides bear witness to
the mess that is our lives,

the clocks hands pass many times before,
you’d have thunk it done,
the silly games and times of yore,
resound for us undone,

but here we are, again, my friend,
at crossroads, friends themselves,
our visit not first of its kind,
heralds of our end,

our ribbons, once so tightly bound,
come loose and spin apart,
unravel for their last time now,
around our beaten hearts,

and as we split i ask of you,
was this not meant to be,
for you and i and i and you,
to end eternity,

a hole in me so wide its berth
is ignorant to none,
and you’ll have carved yourself a place,
when all is said and done,

so squander these our moments few,
on pettiness and strife,
abandoning our lego bricks
that once I thought our life,

we played a part, a helping hand
on this the final stage,
I toss the chips you left to me,
I bet my final wage,

and as it all comes tumbling down
on bitter ‘pagne i suck,
for I, of course, lost everything
oh damn. oh hell. oh fuck.

Thought today I’d try my hand at something a little different. Poetry has never been my forte, but check it out. I’ve got to keep things mixed up if I ever want to finish the year successfully. Hope you guys enjoyed it.


~ by Joseph Blame on September 8, 2010.

One Response to “Midnight Anniversary”

  1. It’s not a happy one, true, but I enjoyed reading it!

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