New Found Faith


  Faith pads into the kitchen in her pyjamas, stretching and yawing. I’m sitting in my briefs, my back cold against the wood chair, and I look up briefly  and glance at her before returning my gaze to the back of the cereal box in front of me. I chew slowly as I defeat the simple maze with ease.

  “Mornin’” Faith says, walking over to the coffee pot and pouring herself a cup in her sleep time mug. Kind of backwards, but whatever.

  “Yo,” I say through a mouthful of bran. I glance at her again as she stands at the counter. She’s looking out of the window to the yard outside. She cradles the cup in her hands, her extra long sleeves bandaging her palms so as not to get burnt by the scalding ceramic. The forty-five is shoved down the back of her pants and I can’t help but laugh. She turns and smiles at me, and I see she’s nursing a pretty sweet shadow around her eye from last night. My face is worse – my body too – but I can’t help but feel proud I made a point.

  “I’m taking you out today, kid,” she says. She’s looking back out the window and I’m poking at the soggy remains of my breakfast and I’m not sure if I quite heard her right.

  “What?” I ask quickly, my spoon clattering to the bowl.
  “You. Me. Work,”
  “Are you serious?” I ask, trying to tone down my incredulity.
  “Yeah, you in?”
  “But you said I wasn’t ready-“
  “So let’s get you ready. It’s small time. Practically practise. So, you in?”
  “Oh, definitely,” I say, jumping to my feet.
  “Go get dressed and prepped, meet me in the armoury in ten.”

  oh my god oh my god oh my god

  “Cool?” she asks, a cocked eyebrow and a wry smile on her face. She knows exactly how much of a big deal this is to me. I’m finally the one on the road bloody and bruised instead of waiting impatiently on the couch, praying she’s okay. She might finally be seeing me as something more than her little brother. I run up the stairs two at a time to put some pants on and I hear her laughing softly to herself in the kitchen.


~ by Joseph Blame on August 29, 2010.

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