The bus blows through the dusty desert roads of Shannananna, kicking up a whirlwind of sand behind us as we streak across the sun bleached land towards our destination. I can see Babel in the rear-view, sitting at the back, the parts of his rifle spread out across his lap.

   “Babylon, have you seen my safety?” he asks without looking up, shuffling the pieces around.

  “Hun, you won’t need the safety where we’re going.”

  “Which is where exactly?” he asks, shouting over the rumble and splutter of an engine long past it’s expiry date.

  “Payoff,” I say with a grin, “greenback valley, all the way home.”

  “Hope you’re right about this one, Baby. The ranch is dying-“

  “I know hun,” I say, the grin fast disappearing. He notices the shift of my eyes in the mirror and shuts up before we both get bummed out. Today is a happy day. Today we get to shoot big guns at bigger things. Today, we get paid.

Special thanks to broseph-montanna for some awesome pushes in the right direction today, however cheesy.

~ by Joseph Blame on August 28, 2010.

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