Electrical Storm



Elise and Caleb were at the doors when they finally hear it, the dirty shriek of a button pushed. It violated the silence and hurt their ears, burrowing deep into their cerebellums. Momentarily crippled they collapsed to their knees clutching at their heads, the detonator in Elise’s hand cold against her temple.

Caleb rose first, wincing against the pain as it seeped slowly away, the sharp volume ebbing as their aural defences kicked in and slid soft membranes into place within their pointed ears. He helped Elise to her feet roughly, lifting her by the arms and dropping her on her feet before slapping her on the back.

“Let’s go” he grunted and they continued toward the opening before them, racing out of it and onto the soft earth of the yard. It was raining now, fat, pristine droplets falling hard all around them. The air smelled fresh and dirty at the same time, the wet accentuating the grime of the lower city as it washed it all away, down the streets and into the gutters.

“Now,” Caleb’s gruff command came through the downpour as they stumbled away.

“Too close,” Elise said, running faster now, outpacing Caleb’s stocky build with ease.

“Elise,” he called from behind her, his dominant inflection kicking in. Elise’s step instinctively faltered and she almost came to a complete stop, stuck in the mud. It took all of her willpower to override it, to push through generations of survival imprints and pack hierarchy and to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

“Too clo-“ she began to repeat through gritted teeth before he crashed into her from behind, a diving tackle around her waist that floored her instantly.  The impact crushed the air out of her lungs and she twisted painfully on the wet grass, heaving for breath as he crouched over her and pulled out his knife. Her eyes widened for a second as he held it to her neck, the sharp edge of the blade drawing blood on contact.

“Damn it Elise they’ll disarm it, pull the damn tri-”

This time there was no hope of controlling it. It all happened too fast, the pain in her chest and the threat at her throat so intense that the reigns Elise held onto so tightly all of the time slipped from her ethereal fingers with one sharp tug.

“We’re too” she growled, forcing a knee upwards and driving a crushing blow into Caleb’s genitalia with a crunch. His eyes widened in silent agony and she raised her leg further, planting a boot firmly on his chest.

“-Close!” she screamed, and kicked him away with phenomenal strength, backwards towards the facility. He stumbled, arms flailing madly as he toppled back.  A smirk, wholly unowned by her sanity, spread across Elise’s face. She pulled the trigger.

The air was torn asunder, split in two with the plume of flames as the facility burst outwards, the explosion engulfing the resulting fragments of mortar and stone instantly. Caleb’s face, a twisted montage of pain and shock, disappeared as the fireball swallowed him whole, soundlessly. Within the same second the wipe of heat reached Elise, picking her up on it’s boundaries and hurling her backwards into the street as if she weighed nothing.

The pyramid collapsed in the fiery inferno, tumbling away into itself as the battery sent one final surge into the sky, an electrical storm spiralling upwards into the clouds and cracking them with a deafening boom.


~ by Joseph Blame on August 26, 2010.

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