Lazy Daisy


  Daisy lies on her back and stares at the ceiling. It’s the first day she’s had off work in a week, and she doesn’t intend to spend it doing anything.

  doing stuff is so overrated she thinks.

  She can hear the bath running in the next room, the water rhythmically drumming against the empty porcelain lining. She had made plans with Natalie to go shopping today but had already phoned to cancel, effortlessly passing off her just woke up voice as sick as a dog. She can foresee only lethargy in the day ahead and can’t be happier about it.

  Saturday morning cartoons and box after box of cereal. She’d planned it all yesterday whilst walking through the aisles of her local grocery store. It was an inspired idea – literally inspired. As she was picking up her regular box of Bran O’Brien Bran Flakes the more colourful boxes had caught her eye. Lucky Charms and Froot Loops and Golden Grahams and Cap’n Crunch and Trix. The aforementioned inspiration.

  She piled them all into her basket in a hurry, as if she were committing a crime, the plan formulating in her head of its own accord, something all it’s own burgeoning into something beautiful. On her way to the checkout she involuntarily grabbed two boxes of pop tarts and threw them in as well.

  She now smiles as she remembers its inception. The few teddy-bears that survived the holocaust of puberty look with condemnation in their marble eyes. She tosses her purple bear, aptly named purple bear, towards the laundry hamper and cheers to herself as she makes the basket. The bath is now water on water, the rich noise of itself plunging into a sizeable depth stirring a morning necessity in Daisy’s pelvis.

  On her way home she had stopped at a DVD store and picked up an overpriced boxset of the second season of Lost. Saturday morning didn’t last all day, after all. She’d been eager to catch up since forever, but had never found the time. The clerk had looked at her strangely as he rang it through, as if she was a freak for having waited this long. The finale had already aired, didn’t she know?

  Slits of light stream through her blinds and play across her body as she lays motionless, daydreaming, stirring only when she hears the water gurgling down the overflow in the other room. She pads into the bathroom and turns off the taps, dipping her hand into the water and agreeing with the temperature. She disrobes quickly, excited to start it all, all the nothing she has planned.


~ by Joseph Blame on August 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lazy Daisy”

  1. Oh man, reading this after a shift really makes you relate to this 😛 I love her planning her day off and doing SFA, and I like the way you wrote this. HG X

  2. Love the last line!

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