My Girl November


  Her name badge says November. She’s busying herself making my sandwich, slicing the sub open with a dexterity and aptitude that I suspect goes above and beyond her employers expectation of necessity.
  “Your name is November?” I hear myself ask, a question no doubt asked a million times before my lips uttered them involuntarily. Her eyes flick to the ceiling for a second before she reigns them in and manages to force a pained smile my way.
  “You want this toasted?”
  “Oh uh, yeah, thanks.”
  She looks grateful for the excuse to turn her back on me. She slides it into the grill behind the counter and doesn’t turn back to face me until it beeps it’s toasted-ness aloud. The eatery is quiet, the two of us alone in a wasteland of empty tables and abandoned chairs. We each sidestep to the salad bar.
  “You want any salad?”
  “Yeah – could I get,” I pause for effect, as if I don’t know exactly what I’m about to reel off, “lettuce, onions, peppers, jalapenos, gherkins and… olives” – I think I screwed up my nonchalance with the routine nature of my spiel.
  “Salt and pepper?”
  She makes it so and we sidestep again to the register, my wrapped up, bulging sub’s sauces bleeding through the paper.
  “That’ll be Eight bucks then.”
  I place the money in loose change on the counter. She makes a point of looking irritated as she counts it out, sliding each coin into the palm of her hand and then distributing it inside the till.
  We stand there looking at each other for the best part of a minute. She blinks and cocks her head slightly.
  “Thankyou?” she tries.
  “R-right, yeah, no problem,” I mumble back, grabbing the bag and quickly making my way out of the store, feeling her eyes on me as I do so. I was going to eat in, but I realise now just how much of an idiot I’ve made myself appear. I’ll try and make November Steakhouse my girl some other time.

I didn’t really know where I was going with this story when I started, and I certainly didn’t know where I was going as I finished it. To be honest, it went nowhere, but boy am I hungry now. Are you hungry? I’m hungry. (Maybe this is why it went nowhere.)


~ by Joseph Blame on August 18, 2010.

One Response to “My Girl November”

  1. hahahaah! i think he should go back and try again 🙂 i really like this too, joe you have come a long way in my absense!! xx

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