If there’s one thing that ruins good porn, it’s when a chick has that flicker.

Every guy out there who’s watched his fair share of masturbatory aid has seen it. For some it’s a turn on. For others it’s the point their dicks go limp in their hand.

The flicker says it all. It can happen anytime from the moment they start taking off their clothes to that god awful camera sweep of their bodies post-cumshot where they have to pretend that yes, YES, YES; I LOVE BEING COVERED IN SEMEN.

It’s the moment they think of their mothers, or their dreams of a law degree, or that nice guy they dated back in college who treated them too nice.

It’s the moment their eyes truly open. For a second their guard comes down and their cum-loving front drops just long enough for you to see them think “Oh my god – what am I doing?

As they crouch there, on hands and knees, as a viagra-dick is crammed into one orifice or another-

“Look at the camera sweetie,”

-they long for that nice guy who opted for an arm around her shoulder instead of a hand down her blouse-

“You like that, don’t you?”

-for the guy who tried desperately to hide his erection as they made out on her parents bed-

“You dirty little slut,”

-who told her he loved her before he’d even seen her naked.


Boner-killer or what.


~ by Joseph Blame on August 17, 2010.

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