Enter Anna-May


  Lilly-May bursts through the door in a flurry of gulps and yelps and arm waving and slams the door loudly behind her. Anna-May, her younger sister, pads out of the living room in her rabbit-slippers and nightie, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She’d fallen asleep in front of the television watching The Big B-Movie Bonanza, a gory marathon she’d had to plead with her parents for permission six hours prior. Seeing her sister in such a state of unease proves to be an effective method of restoring her vigour, and within seconds she’s as frantic as Lilly-May herself, grabbing her by the shoulders and demanding the cause of such alarm. A breathless Lilly-May opens her mouth to begin a ragged explanation when all of a sudden the door behind the girls crashes with a ferocious impact. Their consequent screams are in unison, a piercing shriek that rouses no one. Their parents, Mr and Mrs Lovington, are enjoying an impromptu date night. Anna-May turns again to her sister.

  “What the hell was that, Lil’?” she demands, a newer echelon of nerves showing through. Her sister does not reply. Instead she takes Anna-May by the hand, grabbing at her in a painful manner, but a manner Anna-May has learnt by now not to resent. She lets her lead the way, through the winding corridors of their house towards Mr. Lovington’s study. Anna-May knows all too well the contents of their destination. The pounding at the door, far behind them, finishes with an almighty crash of splintered wood and gnashing jaws and howls of frustrated victory, a cacophony that heralds the Lovington sisters upped ante. They slam against the locked door at the end of the hall, Lilly-May forcing the rusted key into the tired lock as she does so. They can hear the beast destroying the new wood floor their mother was so proud of as it scrabbles ungainly across it not nearly far enough away. Lilly-May furiously jiggles the handle, desperately trying to force the door to obey her. To open and offer it’s twisted salvation.

  “Lil!” Anna-May screams, as a huge hulk of a silhouette appears, sliding into view at the far end of the corridor.

  “I know” Lilly-May replies, surprised at herself for finding the time to be annoyed, current predicament considered.

  “LIL!!” Anna-May tries again as the beast begins to advance, insistently punching her sister in the back for want of a better distraction.

  As the muscular shadow picks up speed, there’s a click.


~ by Joseph Blame on August 14, 2010.

One Response to “Enter Anna-May”

  1. oooh….very exciting….you and your cliffhangers mister! I can’t handle them! x

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