An Awkward Proposal


Anxiety ate away casually at Lex. Her eyes flitted up momentarily to glimpse him before she lowered them again to stare at her shoes. She had liked the red and blue converse when choosing them yesterday, but now they screamed mistake, much like the rest of her ensemble. She considered turning around, walking away and trying again tomorrow, in different shoes, but she gritted her teeth and steeled herself against her own cowardice. Determined, she approached Sam.

“Hey” she said brusquely.

Sam turned. “Oh, hey Lex.”

“Go out with me” she said, more of a command than a proposal, no sign of a question in her inflection.

“Oh,” he said, “wow, uh-“

“There’s a Tarantino marathon playing at the Omniplex,” she interrupted, “starts at midnight.” She wasn’t sure of how well this was going. It may or may not have been her first time. His reaction seemed warm, she thought, when she dared look at his face. He was smiling in a wholly pleasant manner, his face not reflecting the sneers of his friends. They obviously thought this was hilarious. Goddamn. she wished she’d waited ‘til he was alone.

“Sure Lex, why not?” he said. What the hell is that supposed to mean she thought. “I’ll meet you there?” She smiled her confirmation, nodded at his incredulous friends, and walked away quickly, doing her best to block their immediate questioning from her consciousness.


~ by Joseph Blame on August 3, 2010.

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