Slow Day in the Womb

jappa copy

The store has been quiet today.

This doesn’t really surprise me. Daytime traffic in the Womb is a rarity. Sometimes we’ll get a couple of tourists, some school kids trying their luck or a drunk looking for a free ride.

Suzette and I are sitting in silence. She is rocking back on her chair and I am feeling half guilty, half hard due to the fact that her petticoat is falling in such a way that her black lace panties are exposed. High on her left leg I can see the exact moment where metal meets skin. I have to admit; it’s ridiculously sexy in that guro-fetish kind of way.

She is completely engrossed in her textbook, her eyes moving with the slow and stubborn pace that learning demands. Soundlessly, her lips form words in slow motion, repeating them again and again until she is satisfied they will stick.

Conversations between a thirty year old English doll-pimp and a twenty-three year old Japanese frill-loving Goth were always going to be limited, regardless of the language, but upon advertising for help – and knowing the applicants would likely be Japanese – I dug up the audiotapes I bought back in England to broaden my very basic knowledge of the language. It was the least I could do.

Which is exactly why when Su walked in the door and told me in English – rudimentary English but English nonetheless – that she was studying my language I offered her the job right there. ¨

“Hey…” She says now without looking up.

“On my way,” I reply simply, placing the last vibrating cock ring on the shelf and standing up. I start to walk over to her.

Whenever Su calls me without looking up from her book it means she is going to ask me to pronounce a word for her. I lean over her to look at the word and the scent of cedarwood overpowers me as it always does when I get too close to Su.

But before I can pronounce ‘ascertain’ – Jesus that seems advanced – the door opens to the sound of the ever elusive female orgasm.

Let me explain; Dalton saw a recordable doorchime online and just had to get it. Now every time a customer enters the store, or in this case a police officer – shit – Maria Takagi comes.


The policeman’s step faulters for a second before he continues towards us, acting as though Dalton’s favourite porn star didn’t just climax above him. He approaches the counter and goes to rest his hands on it before he decides otherwise, his fingertips hovering inches above it before he returns the host appendages to his side.

He quickly looks from me to Su, and – evidently deciding I am an invalid westerner (which I am) – addresses the latter. I catch my name in his question and suddenly find myself studying the last month in hyperspeed, searching for a possible misdemeanour to warrant the officer’s presence. I’m about half-way through last week when Su turns to me and begins to translate.

~ by Joseph Blame on July 15, 2010.

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