It couldn’t feel it’s joints moving so much as it knew, innately, that they were, it’s forward momentum serving as a constant reminder that everything was in working order. That, and a complex system of procedural directives hardwired into it’s computer telling him that all systems were go. All but one.

  Alfresco wasn’t your usual garden-maintenance android. There was one aspect of it that had malfunctioned, one element that those countless failsafe systems had failed to protect. It’s cerebral cortex, the intricate mesh of modules that explained exactly what it’s purpose was and how exactly to fulfil said purpose, was not hooked up quite right. A loose wire here, the red one where the blue one should be, and we have Alfresco running all over lower New-New York city desperately trying to find purpose in his life.

  Dangerously close to human, wouldn’t you agree?


~ by Joseph Blame on July 14, 2010.

One Response to “Alfresco”

  1. […] note that the events in part 2 of Advanced Robotics happen a long time after the events in part 1 (Alfresco) Part 1 focused, arguably, on Al’s ‘birth’, whereas part 2, well. You’ve seen. It’s […]

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