The Girl with the Cervix Tattoo

cervix copy2

  She lifts her dress – straight past her panties with little regard for her decency – to reveal her stomach and the tattoo just below it. Straight from a medical textbook, there it is: a detailed cross section of her insides.

  “Holy shit,” I can’t help but say.
  “Pretty neat, right?” she asks, grinning.

  I have to admit, it’s freaky hot in an ero-guro sort of way. It’s certainly one of the more striking tattoo’s I’ve seen, and in a strange, hard-to-describe way, it suits her. She pulls it off flawlessly.

  She drops her dress and it falls back into place, just below her pink Hello Kitty panties. The two adjacent illustrations couldn’t be further apart on the spectrum, and it’s this glaring juxtaposition of innocence that knocks the stupid gawp off my face and grounds the entire situation.

  “So?” she asks, leaning further into my car, our noses so close they’re almost touching, “we on?”

  Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something different about this girl. She’s not like the rest.

  “Yeah,” I say, “but how about dinner first?” She smiles. Seems genuine enough.

  The cervix and the kitty – one of them is the lure. The other is real. It’s her.

  “Sure,” she replies, playful now that business is sorted, “as long as you’re buying.” She skips around the front of the car and slides into the passenger side, butt first, allowing me to catch a glimpse of a similar x-ray tattoo just above her ass. She grins, knowing exactly what I’ve seen, and slams the door behind. She quickly taps out a text message on her phone and then slides it into her small bag. She looks up once she’s done and I pull away from the kerb, a strangely comfortable silence filling the car.

  The kitty or the cervix. I’m dying to find out.

  Hell, aren’t you?

~ by Joseph Blame on July 10, 2010.

One Response to “The Girl with the Cervix Tattoo”

  1. Hahaha, I AM dying to find out. Deff continue this one ‘Blame’. Very quirky. However the work cervix makes me cringe. Thats just me though. HG X

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