The vibrant globe destroys eternal enemies
with effortless aplomb, she says
A liberty owned by both of us
The ground beneath alien and wonderful at once,
away from a home of tedium-spattered life
in all its guises, whose reality is realized ONLY
when wrenched from its most vice-like of hooks
our canvas shoes clip-clapping on shining pavements
their surface slick with a nights foul mood
a contender whose work will go undone for all of those
wrapped in sheets who wake in beds with bottles of heat
kicked out to a floor untouched by warmth or lack thereof
to see nothing of this toil aforementioned,
eternal enemies undoing eternal rivalries
divvied out evenly among us all.
And we the witness to this heavenly clash
must stop and stare and think of all but the obvious
our fingers graze electric and minds explode with possibility
in this, a warring world. 

~ by Joseph Blame on July 6, 2010.

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